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Shasta meadow.

Fairies and other nature spirits are the angels of nature. They take care of all plants and animals.

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Elven Dream , Shasta, the essence of nature still carries the energies of the elves, wolves, and all that is wild. Desert Dragon , Inspired by a visit to Tuscon, Arizona, the mountains, alive with dragon energy and the wizened desert faeries of sun and fire. Creation unfolds from this magical center. Time and space are suspended as we walk in the stillness between the worlds. Crow Queen , Here they gather with an elven spirit of the corn who keeps watch over them.

In this peaceful pastoral scene a shepherdess watches over her flock of sheep while a faun or sayter plays his Pan pipes in the shade of a large oak tree.

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Perhaps it is Pan, the god of nature, synonymous with Cernunnos in the Celtic world. A Faery Priestess of the mystical isle of Avalon gathers apples from the Tree of Life for her unicorn friend. About Faeries. All around us there are angels, fairies , elves, devas, and assorted nature spirits, yet most of us rarely notice them because we are too caught up in our rational, left-brain world view.

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The right-brain reality of intuition and imagination holds the greatest wealth of experience. This is where we find our creativity, as every artist, poet, and composer knows.

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It is where we feel love and joy and inspiration. And it is where we can hear and see the faeries, angels, and nature spirits. I was very fortunate to grow up close to nature. I spent my childhood running through orchards, climbing trees, and exploring creeks.

This gave me an intuitive understanding of animals and plants. As a child, I was drawn to the myths and fairy tales of the world.

Faerie Ring

As I grew to accept that magical reality more and more, I found that I was often able to sense the nature spirits and angels around me, and occasionally I could even see fairies and nature spirits. Many of the nature spirits have retreated underground, because of the way humans have destroyed nature, but I was told that nature spirits are willing, and even eager, to work with us to heal that damage.

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They say that if we start working with them instead of against them we would be able to feed everyone on Earth easily. Communication with faeries results in a bond between all the bodies as faeries can touch you in all realms of your bodies. They can communicate through thought and emotion, through dreams and sometimes when strong bonds exist, physically.

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When you first invite a faery into your home the best way to create an initial bond is to keep the piece near you and spend quiet time with the faery, calling it by name mentally and vocally and just talking to it as though they were any other friend. Faeries are intensely energetic beings that feed off your energy and emotions. They connect with you eternally and create the bond that will transform your life. They come to know you better than you know yourself, inside and out. They know your dreams, aspirations, wishes and the stronger the bond and the more connections they make to all your existing bodies the more rewards you will be given.

Any and all of these acts of kindness make your faery feel welcome and at home. It revitalizes their core source of power and keeps them very happy.

The Faeries and The Highlanders - woodland storytelling experience

They want to be with you, love humans and want to share their gifts and happiness. They are powerful because of their unfettered beauty and loyalty. Faeries are genuinely happy, lovely creatures that become part of you and your life. Time spent closely with the spirit the first 30 days of coming to the Keeper's home.

Wonderful treats for Camelot fae are flowers, music, fruit, oils, herbs. Average size: Mini: ft read Size page for more information Lifespan: Average: years They have been assigned an "Average" lifespan, read Lifespan page for more information.

The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers The Faery Keepers
The Faery Keepers

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