Oh, Mary Dont You Weep

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In some [ Here are the lyrics in some languages followed by multilingual [ Jane Fuld wrote asking for help with a nursery hand game her German father played with the little kids in her family. Most of his ancestors came to the US before from near Ravensburg, Germany, [ O Mary, Don't You Weep. This is a pre Civil War slave song of hope. Chorus O Mary, don't you weep, don't you mourn O Mary, don't you weep, don't you mourn Pharaoh's army got drowned, O Mary, don't you weep.

Koryn Hawthorne - Oh Mary Don’t You Weep Lyrics

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O Mary Don't You Weep

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O Mary Don't You Weep lyrics

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And its an easily adaptable song - stick an instrumental in wherever you like. And, I've only typed chords in for first few - but it's the same throughout - and my typing fingers got sore

Oh, Mary Dont You Weep Oh, Mary Dont You Weep
Oh, Mary Dont You Weep Oh, Mary Dont You Weep
Oh, Mary Dont You Weep Oh, Mary Dont You Weep
Oh, Mary Dont You Weep Oh, Mary Dont You Weep
Oh, Mary Dont You Weep Oh, Mary Dont You Weep

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