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It asks us to imagine the universe before creation, when liquid was not liquid and air was not air and matter was not matter. This soundscape becomes a symphony of cracking ice floes and down-rushing avalanches.

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Animals and birds are introduced to this new paradise. Then man. Humans will be a black joke. In the world created by Pearson and Brookes, things fall apart. Nature is in a state of churning mobility and instability. Humans make it far worse, and their existence is perpetuated only through an inexplicable weary fondness on the part of the gods.

Yesterday Once More Nothing Remains The Same lyrics

The sounds are suggestive rather than literal, though at one point, when Phaethon starts driving the chariot, it almost feels as if the entire pavilion is about to take terrifying flight. It is a night largely for the ear, but there is one magical and elemental visual moment that has all the more power for its being a single gesture. The evening is also interesting for what it selects, and what it discards, from the Metamorphoses, passing over rape after rape.

Jupiter rapes Io; Apollo rapes Daphne. The latter is turned into a laurel and is saved, in a sense, but is still violated, as the god feels her beating heart beneath her new bark and plucks her leaves for his crown. Other drivers can include new staff appointments or company mergers resulting in multiple systems being in place.

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All these changes will ultimately have an impact on how the organisation approaches ITSM, and being able to respond to those changes quickly requires process and service agility. As many enterprise IT systems are complex, having built up over time, ripping and replacing applications can be too expensive to consider. Instead, looking at the business process around ITSM and how existing tools can be integrated into a more efficient workflow can offer a more effective route. When considering the business process around something like IT service management, the important consideration should be what strengths the individual parts of the solution can offer.

For example, humans are great at problem solving and dealing with exceptional circumstances, while on the other hand, computers are great at repetitive tasks and moving big chunks of data around.

For human to human interactions, the issue is all about the interface. It needs to be personalised for each user so that the information they need is available in a form they can use immediately.

This means user interfaces designed for each role in the organisation: one size does not fit all. In addition, the user should be able to create their own alerts as well as subscribe to published ones. The ITSM system should also be able to make decisions when humans cannot or will not.

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These can include to approve or disapprove requests, or to escalate to a higher level. For IT systems to talk to one another, they have to be integrated.

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Too frequently these integrations become the weakest link in the automation as they can be quite brittle. Future IT Integrations have to be based on web services and anyone buying an automation technology should mandate this support as one of their top priorities in the selection of a solution. Modern technologies also need to be process centric in their design: it is no longer acceptable for a vendor to dictate the process.

Tools which adopt a common open standard and which allow the integration to evolve over time are ideal.

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This ensures that organisations avoid the problem of having to rip out solutions that no longer meet their requirements and cannot be coerced to support the new ones. When the ITSM system communicates with a human and needs a response, it should focus on delivering the information necessary packaged in a form that can be easily comprehended.

There tends to be too much focus on the infrastructure that delivers the information and not enough on the information itself. Instead, think about how the data can become information with the addition of charts, maps, scales and any number of visual clues that make comprehension easier; and you must ensure that the data is actionable. Of course all of this needs to be done so it complies with any relevant compliance and auditing requirements as well.

When humans have to direct their IT systems, they need to be able to do it from wherever they are: we all live a highly mobile lifestyle now so we each need to be able to use our mobile devices to interact with our corporate systems and processes. Modern automation tools must provide the same full experience on a mobile device as on a standard PC or laptop.

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Being able to bridge the gaps that exist between different business functions and sections of the enterprise is an important requirement for establishing these new business processes. For ITSM implementations, supporting this involves understanding where these gaps exist and how they can be overcome through automation. This is achieved through having a completely configurable platform that allows for the integration of many disparate systems.

Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same
Nothing Remains the Same Nothing Remains the Same

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