Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party

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Melrose came off his mount and was tumbling over and over and over through the water. Now you know what Bertie looks like, Sophie Green has painted four pictures for this story. We would love to know what you think of the way Prince Bertie looks. Most people would just love to see a mermaid - but not Prince Bertie. This is the story of why Bertie thinks that mermaids can be as dangerous as they are beautiful. It's all because of something that happened before he was turned into a frog. One Christmas, Bertie and the lovely Princess Beatrice went away to a tropical island.

Unfortunately, the wicked step-mother came too This is our longest and most ambitious Bertie story to date. We really hope that you will enjoy it. Read by Natasha. Proofread by Claire Deakin. Duration 35 minutes. Pictures copyright Sophie Green As you know, there are plenty of fish, tadpoles, frogs, swans, ducks and geese who live there. But today I saw something much more unusual. Something that you normally only find out at sea, and then only hardly ever.

Do you know what it was?


No, not a whale - and not even a dolphin. What I saw was Yes, her name was Pearl, and she was sitting on little island in the middle of the pond and combing her hair and reciting a mermaid poem:. The very last thing we need on this pond is a mermaid. In my experience, mermaids are nothing but trouble. Unfortunately the mermaid overheard Bertie and she was rather put out.

She shook her little fist at him. As soon as Bertie said that, there was uproar on the pond. The geese honked, the ducks quacked, and the tadpoles- well they just flipped their tails and made minuscule little splashes that hardly anyone could hear. So you just pipe down and learn some manners, Prince Bertie the Frog.

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Poor Bertie hopped away looking very sad indeed. I went after my green friend, and when I found Bertie hiding in an old flower pot in the garden, I asked what he had against mermaids. And this what he told me It all happened back in the days when Bertie was still a prince and was courting the lovely Princess Beatrice. No, not one bit. And she came up with a simple but brilliant plan. She would come too. Just before Christmas, the royal party of three flew away to an exotic tropical island; covered with palm and coconut trees, lapped by a turquoise sea as warm as a bath, and fringed with golden sand that was so hot that you had to wear flip-flops when you trod on it.

They ate mango and passion fruit for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and fried fish for supper. In fact, it was so wonderful that even the wicked stepmother was quite happy to lie in the sun all day and take a rest from casting evil spells. Bertie enjoyed lying on the beach and splashing in the sea with Beatrice. But after a few days he began to feel, well, just a little bit bored by such a slow life. After all, he was used to action and adventure. On Christmas eve he decided to do something a bit more active. He decided to go wind surfing. Bertie went all red and she said - Te he he-.

He hired a board with a sail on it, paddled out to sea, and tried to stand up on it. But whoops! Bertie found himself back in the water. It took him more than a few tries to get going — but a true prince never gives up, and eventually he was standing on the board with the wind in his sail and and gliding across the sea. Beatrice clapped and cheered, and the wicked stepmother pretended to be asleep. He was gathering speed and sailing further out. He tried to change direction but wey-hey over he went, back into the sea. Bertie took a little rest before standing up again.

While he was holding onto the board, still in the water, he felt something ticking his feet. And then he noticed that instead of legs, she was swishing a tail with silver scales. Bertie would have blushed still more had he known that back on the beach, the wicked step-mother had just handed her binoculars to Beatrice, and the princess was watching all that was happening. She was, well, furious! He just wanted to get back to Beatrice - and when the mermaid offered to swim behind the board and push him back to the beach, he gladly agreed.

She propelled him so fast that it was more like driving a motorboat than a windboard. When they reached the shore, the mermaid blew Bertie a couple of kisses, and then, with a flip of her tail she was gone, back into the sea. Although she was the sweetest, most lovely princess alive, she could be cross too sometimes. In fact, the following day they would do what she liked doing — which was pony riding - safely away from the salty haunts of the mermaids. So on Christmas Day, after they had exchanged presents, the three royals went to the stables to pick some ponies.

Beatrice chose a dappled one called Snuffles, because he was the cutest. The wicked stepmother chose a black one, because black was her favourite colour. Cut a dash. Take the Arabian horse because he looks like he can really go some. He did look magnificent, and full of life and spirit. This is a very special horse. Only I can ride him. Bertie is a prince. He can ride any horse he chooses.

There will be wonderful views. Maybe we can spot a dolphin, or a whale, or perhaps even a mermaid. And with that she pointed her black pony towards the cliffs, which were quite a way off. First they cantered over the sand dunes and through the surf of the sea — Beatrice loved that because it was terribly romantic.

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They cut inland, along a path that meandered in and out of the jungle, but always upwards. By mid morning they were out on the cliffs overlooking the sea. It was a narrow path, with the jungle on one side and the sea on the other. Then they came out to a flatter and clearer part. The sky was the truest of blues, and it was hard to say where it ended and where the sea began. Bertie pulled in the reigns saying - Who- Whooooo - ; but the Pony would not stop. He galloped right up to the edge - and beyond!!!! Boy did he go! He shot past the stepmother and her black pony and sped on like an arrow to the edge of the cliffs.

He galloped right up to the edge — and beyond! Bertie closed his eyes. Beatrice my love - Goodbye!

For when he opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer falling through the air on the back of a horse, but he was deep underwater. All was blue and bubbly.

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Yet, he was still breathing… and he was still riding. For the horse was no longer an Arabian horse — but a sea horse. And what a journey! Bertie had never seen so many different colours and wonderful things in his life. Curly coral, swirling sea anemones, and shoals of strange, funny, and scary fish.

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Eventually they came to a great gate studded with pearls, diamonds, and other sparkly stones. It was guarded by two fierce mermen, with multicoloured beards flowing from their faces, and three-pronged weapons in their hands. The seahorse swam straight past them and into the underwater city. Inside the walls, there were crowds of beautiful merpeople - both men and women. Some were riding on seahorses, some swimming in pairs, mer-boy and mer-girl, hand in hand, and others chasing each other, and doing underwater somersaults.

Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party
Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party
Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party
Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party
Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party Morgan the Mermaids Welcome Home Party

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