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How did Caleb and Joshua differ from the other spies? How does fear in leaders keep God's people from doing his will?

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Why was God angry with Israel for their unwillingness to enter the Promised Land? The sequence of Caleb's taking of Hebron in Joshua 14 is difficult for scholars to resolve completely. There are two differing points of view. Detailed account. According to this view, the account of the taking of Hebron and Debir in Joshua "is anticipated and summarized as part of the conquest of the southern coalition. According to this view, the account of Caleb's driving out of the Anakites ; took place under Joshua's generalship. Joshua is given credit, though his lieutenants fought the actual battles.

However, it is also possible to see the southern campaign in Joshua 11 as the initial campaign to defeat the kings of these cities. Hebron was conquered by Joshua's army initially, but the inhabitants returned when the armies left, and they needed to be dislodged again by Caleb when he was ready to take possession. This apparently happened to Jerusalem which was called Jebus.

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The king of Jerusalem was captured and killed by Joshua , though some of his fleeing army were able to reach the fortified city of Jerusalem But in Joshua's time, the Israelites were not able to take Jerusalem ; Judges ; the city was occupied by David only centuries later 2 Samuel , though Jebusites still owned property in the city after its capture 2 Samuel According to this view, when it comes to settling his family a few years later, Caleb and his clan have to reconquer the giants, who apparently escaped the initial battles and lived in Philistine cities for a time Either of these two interpretations is possible, but I'm more inclined to the latter, where battles by the tribal militia took place during the settlement period to finally clear the land and cities so that the Israelite families could settle in them.

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter greatly which way it went. We know in our own personal spiritual battles that sometimes ground that we conquered early in our Christian lives is lost because we failed to occupy it fully, and must be re-won. The battle is not over until we have fully occupied the ground. Then we must continue to defend it watchfully. When we come to Joshua 14, Caleb is identified as the legendary spy-leader from the tribe of Judah 45 years previous. As Judah's tribal spokesman, he addresses Joshua, his old comrade-in-arms.

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Joshua knows the story, but Caleb repeats it again for the sake of all the others who were only children at the time. In the passage that follows, we hear "vintage Caleb," the voice of the old, faith-filled warrior who still believes in Yahweh's power. And I brought him back a report according to my convictions, 8 but my brothers who went up with me made the hearts of the people melt with fear.

Before the land west of the Jordan is fully distributed by lot if the chronology of these chapters is sequential , Caleb stakes his own claim, based on the promise made to him by Moses and confirmed by an oath though we do not have a record elsewhere of Moses' specific promise. Notice that in three out of the four statements in this section, Caleb mentions the name of Yahweh. The LORD promised This is exultant, powerful faith prior to the event.

It sounds like bragging, but it is faith bragging on the power of God to keep his promises. I like that kind of faith! Then the land had rest from war. Joshua gives Caleb Hebron as his inheritance. Apparently, the grant involves the whole hill country surrounding Hebron, including the city of Debir , also known as Kiriath-Sepher ; Judges and Kiriath Sannah But why Hebron?

The Hebron district, especially around the great oaks of Mamre," [55] had been the home of Abraham for many years. There he purchased the cave of Machpelah for a burial place Genesis Caleb and the other spies had walked hundreds of miles up to the northernmost part of Canaan and back again. His feet had trod on the whole country. But of all Palestine that could have been his for the asking, Caleb chooses Hebron. I think he wanted Hebron because there were the Anakite giants that had so terrified his fellow scouts 45 years previously.

Now he has a chance to prove it as leader of "the men of Judah" Judges The giants represent the enemies of Conquest, and Caleb is ready for them. Scripture gives their names three times here; Numbers ; Judges Because their names were well known. Giants are what legends are made of, like Goliath of Gath.


You only name great opponents, and these giants are great enemies -- with great reputations to match. But Caleb fearlessly drives them out. Doubtless the story was told again and again around the campfires, "Do you remember when Caleb I've sometimes wondered, where is the fine line between bald ambition and bold faith? Certainly, Caleb has cherished a forty-five-year-old ambition to defeat the Anakite giants.

He has something to prove. He has a score to settle with them. Is this ambition of God? I believe so. Look at Moses. Moses doesn't want to lead the people out of Egypt, but when he finally accepts this commission -- and God doesn't take "no" for an answer -- he puts all his heart and soul into the job.

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He personally identifies his cause with God's and his ambition with God's. When God wonders aloud about destroying the unbelieving Israelites, Moses knows God's heart and soul well enough to speak boldly about God's interests.. Sometimes, the people around godly leaders misunderstand. They mistake strong leadership for pride.

Even those closest to Moses -- Aaron and Miriam -- accuse him of pride:. Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth. Moses has internalized God's desires so that God's desires become Moses' ambitions.

Give Me This Mountain

Men may see it as pride, but God sees Moses as a man after his own heart, one to whom God speaks "face to face. Caleb, too, has developed a bold faith. When he is bragging, he is bragging on God, and exalting God, not himself. He so identifies with God's cause that his ego is subsumed in God's -- much the same as that of the Apostle Paul a millennium later:. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Of course, we need to examine our hearts to detect any self-exaltation we see there. It is certainly possible for leaders to develop an ugly, self-centered pride. But our boldness can and should be in the LORD. Joshua Introduction: The Christian life is one of peaks and valleys. Main Point of the Message: If you follow God, He can lead you to incredible mountain-top experiences. Key Question: How can we experience our God-given dreams?

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  5. The favor of God is oftentimes the difference between success and failure. I want to know that God is on my side. Israel had God's favor. No matter how often they disobeyed God, God still was determined to bless them. In our text, Joshua is dividing up the land of Canaan to the tribes of Israel.

    When he finishes, Caleb comes Joshua to ask for his portion of the land - only Caleb's request is not a portion of flat land, rather it is a mountain. On top of the mountain lies the walled city of Hebron and there are giants in the land. When you have God's favor, you can do some extraordinary things. Notice how he displays great courage to go after what God had promised him.

    Caleb tells Joshua that the Lord was faithful to Israel for over 40 years. Caleb was one of those whom Moses sent to search the land in the second year after the Exodus. He was one of the family chiefs of the tribe of Judah. He and Joshua the son of Nun were the only two of the whole number who encouraged the people to go up and possess the land.

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    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain
    Give Me This Mountain Give Me This Mountain

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