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My religious attitudes are different from her essentially secular ones though I'm no more enamored of the grim, handed-down Puritanism of rural New England than she is! But her attitudes are realistic for a young person of her background, being college-educated in the height of the Progressive era; and in many of the ways that she looks at life, I can recognize that she's wise and perceptive.

Many readers will tumble onto a particular plot point much sooner than Judy does I did, for instance, --but no spoiler here! But I don't see this as a defect; it imparts an added element of fun to the book if we're in on something Judy doesn't know. Since the usual treatment for tonsillitis is amputation, it's hard to picture her having it twice; and it's also hard to imagine a high school graduate not knowing that Shelley was a poet, or that Henry VIII was married more than once.

But these are minor quibbles. My main problem with the book which cost it the fifth star is the fact that for me, Judy's benefactor came across as a bit too distant, with his policy of strict secrecy about his identity and refusal to answer her letters, and too bossy and controlling at several junctures. He communicates his wishes through his secretary.

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To her credit, though, she defies his bossiness on a couple of points, and makes her own decision! The whole situation, of course, becomes more complicated than it starts out; and if our title character had handled the arrangement more sensibly, the book wouldn't have the same distinctive feel and flavor. But to me, it was still a bit off-putting. That didn't keep me from really liking the book!

Webster wrote a sequel to this novel, Dear Enemy. At this point, I wouldn't seek it out as such --I'm trying not to get sucked into more commitments to series and sequels right now. But if I ran across a copy of it, I'd give it a read! View all 13 comments. Shelves: classics , lolz , young-adult-teen , read-in , read-on-kindle , wishlist-for-dtbs-to-keep.

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I found Daddy-Long-Legs courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Young Adult Anonymous and then devoured it in one sitting. The conditions of receiving the monetary support are that he will remain anonymous as such, Judy calls him many things but most often Daddy-Long-Leg I found Daddy-Long-Legs courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Young Adult Anonymous and then devoured it in one sitting.

The conditions of receiving the monetary support are that he will remain anonymous as such, Judy calls him many things but most often Daddy-Long-Legs because she's only seen him once in shadow against a wall and he looked tall and thin and that she write him monthly letters. Fans of epistolary fiction will love this, as well as Anne-girl fans, because Judy is spunky, hilarious, and outspoken in an Anne of Green Gables way. Ebooks

After a while I wanted the story to get to the point, though I never really tired of Judy's voice. Once the endgame of the author becomes clear, it is funny to see the actions of Judy and her benefactor change. I also think this book would appeal to fans of movies like Meet Me In St.

Louis and the older versions of Cheaper by the Dozen. The descriptions of the homes, families, clothes, and such really made me picture those movies I've seen time and time again. I feel kind of like a badass that I placed both those movies in the same time period as Daddy-Long Legs before looking the dates up. This mini-review was part of a series of 7 mini-reviews of short YA books I wrote for a post over at our blog, The Readventurer. View all 7 comments. I've been reading comments here and there about how this book is not that good and the central relationship is creepy and it is anti-feminist.

Well, of course if you think it's not that good, that's your prerogative; I won't go that far; but I don't understand, either. This book is amazing. Judy is so completely accessible, and her roommates and college friends are so funny. But she isn't happy all the time, and she isn't fake; she has days of deep depression, as you might expect from someone with her upbringing.

I loved it every time I read it when I was a kid, but then when I went to college and reread it, I appreciated it even more; because lots of what Judy experienced, I identified with, though on a different level--my educational background was also different from most of my classmates, I also felt like I had to watch what I said about pre-college life because I quickly found that people didn't get it, and I also wasn't used to having my own money to spend my own fault, because I never worked in high school. The relationship between Jervis and Judy this is why it's under a spoiler; I've been annoyed by people spoiling this to people who haven't read it, too could seem creepy if one only looked at it on a shallow level, and with 21st century eyes.

For one thing, he wasn't THAT old. It doesn't seem like an age difference that would have been creepy at the time, and I actually have met a few couples with similar age differences today. For another, she got to know him on normal terms; it wasn't like he was grooming her or anything--it wasn't GIGI. Or whatever. Finally, it is so not anti-feminist. I guess it bothers some people that she gets married right out of college and never "does" anything with her education, and that Jervis tells her what to do.

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  4. She calls him on it, thoroughly. He learns his lesson. And one can only assume that after they're married, they continue with all the philanthropy that refurbishing of the John Grier Home in the second book wasn't cheap. The odd thing is, I've had difficulty convincing people of it. I can relate to Judy in many ways I can not believe. Most of the times it seemed as if I were the one writing the letters.

    I love this book. This is not the first time I have read this book and will definitely not be the last. View 1 comment. I had a nice review all written out, then like a dunce I clicked the little "x" in the corner!! Who does that?? Anyway, I'm not sure if I can completely capture my thoughts again, but I'll try! You know how sometimes, you're not tired of reading because who could ever get tired of reading???

    daddy long legs wiseman project classics Manual

    Well, that was me when I started to listen to the audio version of Daddy Long Legs. I had wanted to read DLL ever since I read I had a nice review all written out, then like a dunce I clicked the little "x" in the corner!! Knightley by Katherine Reay , and it seemed like the perfect refresher.

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    I'm so happy that I chose to listen to it, because the audio version was absolutely delightful. I loved getting to know Jerusha, or Judy, as she comes to call herself. Although she worked in the orphanage that she grew up in, when an anonymous benefactor pays her way to college, she grabs onto to this new development with zeal. The only catch is that she has to write this benefactor letters of her progress each month, expecting no reply.

    I enjoyed being a part of her new adventures and also as she grows and develops as a person. She has quite modern and forward ideas for the time period, and while I thought at times that the author's personal beliefs were a bit too apparent and I didn't always agree , for the most part, I really liked Judy's spunk and sparkle. I think my only disappointment was the ending. At the "big reveal" of which I won't say more so as not to ruin anything , Judy reacted like the typical young woman would, and I just didn't find it in keeping with her character.

    Thankfully, Katherine Reay handles it a bit more realistically in her retelling, which might have been part of the reason that I was a bit disappointed with how it was handled in the original story. Overall, however, I'm so glad I finally took the time to read, ahem, listen, to Daddy Long Legs, and, in fact, am a bit peeved at myself for not getting to it sooner! Judy is refreshing and bright, and it was a pleasure to meet her! View all 5 comments.

    I always have a difficult time rating YA books. Do I rate them as I enjoy them now , or as I would have enjoyed them had I read it as a young adult? It's tricky. As a young adult I would probably rate this as a five star read. As a forty something adult, I enjoyed it, but I wasn't like all over it. I'd say 3. The author kept me reading, and I thought it was very sweet but I probably wouldn't reach for it to re-read anytime soon. And I'm not sooo invested in the characters that I have to ru I always have a difficult time rating YA books.

    And I'm not sooo invested in the characters that I have to run out and buy the sequel ASAP, though I will probably read it at some point. I won't give a synopsis because it's been done many times here on GR and I don't want to spoil things, but it really is a very cute story. You should read it. February group read with the dead writers society I loved this novel! I'm a sucker for epistolary novels books told through letters, diaries, etc and this one is particularly lovely.

    It's wonderfully old-fashioned--the book was written in and although it's fiction, it's still an interesting glimpse into a young girl's mindset at that time. I think I enjoyed the sequel, Dear Enemy , even more. View all 3 comments. Shelves: challenge-atoz , read , 4stars , children-mid-grade , challenge-christmas Seemed an appropriate evening to indulge in a little childhood nostalgia. Loved this book as a little girl and it still appealed to me all these years later Perhaps influenced by the knowledge that this is my mum's favourite childhood book and perhaps influenced by this sentimental time of year But no matter, this is still utterly charming and a book that I would happily recommend to any young girl today.

    Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy

    I cried during the last letter, even though I knew the ending all along. I loved it. Mixed feelings on this one. A dear little story, but with some major flaws in worldview. I think what bothered me most was that the message seemed to be that she, a young woman, could take on the entire world, and yet her sponsor orders her around like a dictator. She bucks his orders once and he snubs her for months. And yet she's okay with that. It pokes fun at the sermons of Bishops and the old religious beliefs of country folk, and Judy mentions that she is glad "she can make up her own mind as to what she believes about God.

    Daddy Long  Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10) Daddy Long Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10)
    Daddy Long  Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10) Daddy Long Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10)
    Daddy Long  Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10) Daddy Long Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10)
    Daddy Long  Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10) Daddy Long Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10)
    Daddy Long  Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10) Daddy Long Legs (Kindle 1dollarBooks Book 10)

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